Executive coaching

Executive coaching sessions provided by Mahesh is a one-to-one process and a relationship, which focuses on developing potential and enhancing performance. He uses a formal yet personalized approach that integrates proven techniques for change with behavioral knowledge and hands-on practice.

Through this process of self-leadership individuals reach clarity about who they are, what they are doing, why they are doing it and where they want to go. This has been a time tested approach which has been used by Mahesh in his coaching sessions with remarkable and tangible benefits been demonstrated by clients who have been coached by him:


Some of the benefits that an organization could accrue by a coaching its employees are as follows:

  • When an organization in builds a coaching culture there will be collaboration, performance and alignment across all members of the organization. This will empower the people of the organization and hence create ownership, commitment and demonstrate excellence at all levels. A coaching culture is being open to exploration instead of directive thereby creating a space for growth.
  • Coaching uses questioning and reflection as the primary means of influencing people for increased work performance and personal growth. It is a lever of corporate transformation. A coaching culture means that it is normal to learn and encourage others to constantly learn and work collaboratively. It is an approach of how we lead, manage and support people to ensure empowerment, self-responsibility and self-development to achieve a common purpose.
  • Through coaching an ecosystem of development is created within the organization. This culture promotes individuals to create an environment where people are empowered to think for themselves and be committed to growth and development.
  • A coaching culture is an environment that values people, growth, their strenghts and the importance of authenticity with one another. It fosters a culture which nurtures and sustains engagement, commitment and enthusiasm force where leaders commit towards growing more leaders.